Saturday, 12 November 2011

Creativity - Moments when one Taps into their infinite potentials.

Anything original, uniquely Creative comes from a place of beyond mind. A place where inspiration is alive, where unlimitation, expansion, vastness of potentials are pulsing with life.. Thats why anything thats original and stands out as a pioneer, anything that is felt by another as a knowing, feeling cannot be 'thought'. Because thoughts are born in the limitations of the mind ··· Thoughts can take us only so far. Ofcourse they can be the guiding force towards birthing an action inspired by the silence of the Heart. Mind can be a great tool in manifesting that which is conceived as a vision, as a feeling.
That which is creatively expressed through any form looses seperation from the creator and flows as the single force of energy dancing its way through in what ever way it is channeled. It is the very energy of creation that gives itself an expression through the artist and it certainly not limited to just painting,writing, music or a few of the 'recognised' forms of creative expressions. It can be as simple as cooking, walking, watching a flower, playing with a dog, or simply feeling it flow through you as you sit under a beautiful tree ···· the beauty of creativity is it is an indelible part of who we are.
How can we tap into those joyous deep moments of infinitepotentials and inspiration? It cannot be planned,it cannot be reproduced, it cannot be forced into a time slot because it is a realm beyond limitation. It is a realm of freedom . It is only reached when we are alert and aware in 'THIS MOMENT'. This moment is the Doorway to the world of unlimited possibilities beyond mind. The connection to the primal intelligence which is YOU who is not limited to the identification of a personality, gender,mind ···· It is you in your natural form as a presence who is aware of manythings which the brain cannot comprehend. All the inspirations are ever present there because the very Creation is happening in the 'moment' where even time dissapears.
When you do whatever you are deeply inspired to do you become one with what you are creating .It becomes a beautifully joyous experience to express your creativity. There is no effort there. Only allowing it to flow through you. You become the channel for its birth. :)
This moment awareness is the Doorway. And you are born with capacity to tap into infinite possibilities, potentials. The most simple way to be in the moment is to pay attention your breathing, watching it as it is without controlling it. Even one urge to do so can begin a wonderful journey of connecting to the mostfulfilling relationship with the Source within you. You will be amazed by your own potentials and gifts. What you will find within YOU can fullfill you in every aspect of your Life.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Dropping comparision. The art of 'Allowing'.Getting whatever you want.

Yes... Each of you who is reading this probably want something and want to figure out a way to have it in your life as quickly as possible.
now , there are different types of minds reading this.
some know they want something but believe they always never get what they want.
some know what they want , but believe that there are so many obstacle to getting it
and some feel they might get it , but believe , there is no certainty of it.
and some do believe they get it , just dont know when.
Now in order to understand what i am sharing in the next few paragraphs its important that you know what you want , why you want it and believe that you deserve it , and there is no because. No logic , No reasoning to explain that why you deserve it and all that crap. Simply a belief that you 'DESERVE' it. just a form SELF love so well that you get something just because you want it.
Now about the question i asked 'why you want it.?' This has nothing to do with your deservability. It has everything to do with your 'intention'. Because let me tell you clearly. 'intention' is the UNSEEN FORCE behind getting anything and everything that you desire from your heart.
Now sit with your desire and ask why you want it , be very honest with your self. Go to the root of it. Try to 'feel ' your answer not think. Try to feel how it feels the moment you dig that question. Do you feel joyful just by thinking it , a joy which is arising from your heart not mind, which makes you feel relaxed and comforted? or do you feel certain fear or avoiding a truth with in, like 'if i have that then i will feel this way'. I know its tough to sit with these feelings. I will make it easy for you by giving example.
You are taking a walk by the road side , you see a beautiful flower or moon or butterfly or your favourite guitar or anything that connects you to a place of appreciation and incomparable natural beauty. now that feeling is arising beyond mind, from the depths of your soul..which is simply appreciating something from a place of abundance and well being within.
Now you see a relative having a new car or house or your ex girlfriend or boyfriend with someone or anything that makes you feel like , if i have such and such i will feel happy. Now my friend that 'feeling' or intention is arising from Lack you feel by comparing yourself to others.
Now what i just told you is the major reason or influence behind getting what you want. yes. because the Quantum physics , universe, law of attraction what ever name you put it, responds to your 'intention' directly. So yes you can get whatever you want , but make sure you are clear about is it arising from a place of well being within for 'being you' or from a place of lack. If you desire something feeling that you dont have it , so you feel lack...universe gives you more lack. No judgement. Just your powerful creation. Feelings , beliefs create what you see in your reality. Try to feel your worth and natural beauty , deservability just because your heart is beating , you are alive and then desire something because it makes you happier , adds to your richness ..then you see how it appears in your reality. This is powerful. Yes.
In order to feel your own worth and beauty..first thing to do is 'Drop comparision' with anyone else. it does not matter how you think you are, you are unique and awesome as you are. an Ant cannot be compared to the moon or Elephant because it is insane to compare two unique species as they are. life without Ants would not be fun no matter how many elephants roam the earth. Even one lotus cannot be compared to another. Imagine comparing two cats and trying decide which is worthy. Sounds stupid right? when it comes to humans...We see comparision everywhere , a form of insanity right from the education system.
The wisdom is to Drop comparision. and Value your individuality .Know your Worth. and then celebrate your desires , your wants ...KNow you will receive them , just Allow them to come to you , because believe or not , they are already there for you.

Balance. Not being a Doormat to someone. Neither Being a Bully . Living in full POWER of Self .

Living in Full of POWER of Self requires being Honest with ourself and Lots Self love. Loving ourselves As we are , instead of trying to fit into a frame designed by many as good . it means LIVING our TRUTH. Thats true integrity.

Self love is highly important in order to Live in Balance. and Balance can make earth feel like heaven. Imagine living a centered  life where nothing outside of you can shake you , hurt you or push you into a shell? . Now thats freedom. True Freedom.

Not sticking to any role of I AM a female so i should be this way or I am a male i have to be a certain way...instead simply being Yourself. you are an individual First . and honouring our Individuality and living as our authentic selves requires courage. it requires you to know your worth and your value as a natural part of who you are rather than it being found in money, job, relationships etc.  All of them can be created by YOU. not the other way around. They do not create you.
First you need to be ALIVE and breathing in order to do anything in this world. and thats more than enough reason to know You are valid and worthy . just because you are here and now. Alive!. 

now most of us wonder how to handle people who cross boundaries. Most people are aware of two things. either be a door mat or be aggressive and shut them off.

The balanced way is to Know and value your own truth in such a deep level of your being that what others think do not matter to you. so that you can calmly look into their eyes with the strength of your truth and selflove and tell them that you do not feel or think the same way , and they can have their truth without imposing it on you. Now that kind of POWER does not have any opposite.  So mostly either they leave your experience, or they change to match your vibration. Thats true power . Which has the ability to ignite the same in another.

Now imagine a society where each human loves him/herself so well that they honour their own truth as well as others . Peace and Joy is the by product of such existence. no one demeans no one because one knows how it feels to be demeaned and since one loves themselves so well that they feel the connection other humans and they now love others without feeling the fear of rejection or hurt. also this type of LOVE will not be codependency. it is like the SUN. self radiating. we all have the capacity to be this. because We are more than what our mind believes we are. We at core are LOVE . POWER. CREATION.

Balance can be with in as male and female aspects . If an individual is in touch with both the aspects within themselves they feel so complete and whole , that they can relate to other beings without fear, on a deeper level. they can give from the source within themselves without needing it be returned though the Law of attraction facilitates that it is returned in plenty. This is the wisdom . This is the healing that the wounds of humanity is craving for. This is the love we all look for . The unconditional Love of Self which is eternally Valid. :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Purpose ? :)

At first ..we question 'who am I without purpose'? , initially we might feel threatened by it. then we want a purpose. we justify our existence with a purpose. and then when we KNOW we exist no matter what , we ask ourselves again' WHAT am I without a purpose'? and now there is NO FEAR. coz we KNOW we exist , we continue to exist with or without needing a 'purpose'. and we FEEL our wholeness , aliveness, spark AS the most REAL aspect of who we are. we LIVE without needing anything else to DEFINE US.

New approach to living

each one of our approach to creating something that we desire can be totally unheard off , original , new without any examples . that's scary for survival instinct but a great celebration for our Trueself ....that's how uniquely gifted we are . we do not need to match anything . and the new 'approach' can be freaky , different . 

as we become aware of our power as the masters of our universe , we can take that 'jump' in to the unknown and begin to live our truth . nothing feels as fulfilling as this .

Healthy relating to Sexuality

SEX-  there is so much heavyness attached to it. so much seriousness. so many taboos.  so many equal signs to things which are not related to it at all. and so much deep rooted shame in some societies.
The truth which is denied and avoided by mind  is is natural. .it is is spontaneous.
it's wildness connects us to divine and ecstatic nature of divine , to the state of beyond mind . and thats scares the mind.
so mind prohibits it . when it is prohibitied it is desired even more.
and then distortions takes place because mind doesnt know how to deal with it. Mind has to dissapear to move into the realm of soul awareness , Mind fears not having control. Mind EQUALS  not having to control a state of awareness  to  dieing.
so Dysfunctions are created around sex , because mind fails to understand the divinity of the desire and
finds seperation and alienation for desiring it thus assumes dysfunction of 'it is wrong '.
Thats the root of all the sexual dysfunctioning and crime. because sex in its true nature is never Force. is never harassment.
is never rape and never a shame . It is the divine merging and opening of a portal to transcendental awareness. its a glimpse of the nature of our true selves . It is as natural and as fundamental truth as anything that is created.
when humanity drops all the dysfunction around it by seeing it for what it is , there is a huge shift in the energy of the planet and our reality .There is an awareness of our natural self worth. self love. which can have a huge impact on the way we live in the world . the way we see life . and people. there is clarity of SELF in all its glory and magnificence. same is seen in others. the divinity of each one is SEEN beyond their
physical form. beyond their sexuality. beyond their gender. beyond their roles. thats heaven on earth.

Erasing  the equal signs , Erasing  the fear around the spontaneous and wild nature of sexuality is the doorway to LOVE thats the fundamental nature of who we are. and UNITY conciousness.  I feel many beings ...(women especially)  are here at this time on earth to stand up to the society's dysfunction around sexuality and bring forth the balance and the energy of natural beingness in the face of what was created before,shifting it ,  making way for a new way of living and relating to others in wholeness.