Friday, 11 November 2011

Balance. Not being a Doormat to someone. Neither Being a Bully . Living in full POWER of Self .

Living in Full of POWER of Self requires being Honest with ourself and Lots Self love. Loving ourselves As we are , instead of trying to fit into a frame designed by many as good . it means LIVING our TRUTH. Thats true integrity.

Self love is highly important in order to Live in Balance. and Balance can make earth feel like heaven. Imagine living a centered  life where nothing outside of you can shake you , hurt you or push you into a shell? . Now thats freedom. True Freedom.

Not sticking to any role of I AM a female so i should be this way or I am a male i have to be a certain way...instead simply being Yourself. you are an individual First . and honouring our Individuality and living as our authentic selves requires courage. it requires you to know your worth and your value as a natural part of who you are rather than it being found in money, job, relationships etc.  All of them can be created by YOU. not the other way around. They do not create you.
First you need to be ALIVE and breathing in order to do anything in this world. and thats more than enough reason to know You are valid and worthy . just because you are here and now. Alive!. 

now most of us wonder how to handle people who cross boundaries. Most people are aware of two things. either be a door mat or be aggressive and shut them off.

The balanced way is to Know and value your own truth in such a deep level of your being that what others think do not matter to you. so that you can calmly look into their eyes with the strength of your truth and selflove and tell them that you do not feel or think the same way , and they can have their truth without imposing it on you. Now that kind of POWER does not have any opposite.  So mostly either they leave your experience, or they change to match your vibration. Thats true power . Which has the ability to ignite the same in another.

Now imagine a society where each human loves him/herself so well that they honour their own truth as well as others . Peace and Joy is the by product of such existence. no one demeans no one because one knows how it feels to be demeaned and since one loves themselves so well that they feel the connection other humans and they now love others without feeling the fear of rejection or hurt. also this type of LOVE will not be codependency. it is like the SUN. self radiating. we all have the capacity to be this. because We are more than what our mind believes we are. We at core are LOVE . POWER. CREATION.

Balance can be with in as male and female aspects . If an individual is in touch with both the aspects within themselves they feel so complete and whole , that they can relate to other beings without fear, on a deeper level. they can give from the source within themselves without needing it be returned though the Law of attraction facilitates that it is returned in plenty. This is the wisdom . This is the healing that the wounds of humanity is craving for. This is the love we all look for . The unconditional Love of Self which is eternally Valid. :)

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