Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Purpose ? :)

At first ..we question 'who am I without purpose'? , initially we might feel threatened by it. then we want a purpose. we justify our existence with a purpose. and then when we KNOW we exist no matter what , we ask ourselves again' WHAT am I without a purpose'? and now there is NO FEAR. coz we KNOW we exist , we continue to exist with or without needing a 'purpose'. and we FEEL our wholeness , aliveness, spark AS the most REAL aspect of who we are. we LIVE without needing anything else to DEFINE US.

New approach to living

each one of our approach to creating something that we desire can be totally unheard off , original , new without any examples . that's scary for survival instinct but a great celebration for our Trueself ....that's how uniquely gifted we are . we do not need to match anything . and the new 'approach' can be freaky , different . 

as we become aware of our power as the masters of our universe , we can take that 'jump' in to the unknown and begin to live our truth . nothing feels as fulfilling as this .

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