Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Healthy relating to Sexuality

SEX-  there is so much heavyness attached to it. so much seriousness. so many taboos.  so many equal signs to things which are not related to it at all. and so much deep rooted shame in some societies.
The truth which is denied and avoided by mind  is is natural. .it is is spontaneous.
it's wildness connects us to divine and ecstatic nature of divine , to the state of beyond mind . and thats scares the mind.
so mind prohibits it . when it is prohibitied it is desired even more.
and then distortions takes place because mind doesnt know how to deal with it. Mind has to dissapear to move into the realm of soul awareness , Mind fears not having control. Mind EQUALS  not having to control a state of awareness  to  dieing.
so Dysfunctions are created around sex , because mind fails to understand the divinity of the desire and
finds seperation and alienation for desiring it thus assumes dysfunction of 'it is wrong '.
Thats the root of all the sexual dysfunctioning and crime. because sex in its true nature is never Force. is never harassment.
is never rape and never a shame . It is the divine merging and opening of a portal to transcendental awareness. its a glimpse of the nature of our true selves . It is as natural and as fundamental truth as anything that is created.
when humanity drops all the dysfunction around it by seeing it for what it is , there is a huge shift in the energy of the planet and our reality .There is an awareness of our natural self worth. self love. which can have a huge impact on the way we live in the world . the way we see life . and people. there is clarity of SELF in all its glory and magnificence. same is seen in others. the divinity of each one is SEEN beyond their
physical form. beyond their sexuality. beyond their gender. beyond their roles. thats heaven on earth.

Erasing  the equal signs , Erasing  the fear around the spontaneous and wild nature of sexuality is the doorway to LOVE thats the fundamental nature of who we are. and UNITY conciousness.  I feel many beings ...(women especially)  are here at this time on earth to stand up to the society's dysfunction around sexuality and bring forth the balance and the energy of natural beingness in the face of what was created before,shifting it ,  making way for a new way of living and relating to others in wholeness.

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