Saturday, 12 November 2011

Creativity - Moments when one Taps into their infinite potentials.

Anything original, uniquely Creative comes from a place of beyond mind. A place where inspiration is alive, where unlimitation, expansion, vastness of potentials are pulsing with life.. Thats why anything thats original and stands out as a pioneer, anything that is felt by another as a knowing, feeling cannot be 'thought'. Because thoughts are born in the limitations of the mind ··· Thoughts can take us only so far. Ofcourse they can be the guiding force towards birthing an action inspired by the silence of the Heart. Mind can be a great tool in manifesting that which is conceived as a vision, as a feeling.
That which is creatively expressed through any form looses seperation from the creator and flows as the single force of energy dancing its way through in what ever way it is channeled. It is the very energy of creation that gives itself an expression through the artist and it certainly not limited to just painting,writing, music or a few of the 'recognised' forms of creative expressions. It can be as simple as cooking, walking, watching a flower, playing with a dog, or simply feeling it flow through you as you sit under a beautiful tree ···· the beauty of creativity is it is an indelible part of who we are.
How can we tap into those joyous deep moments of infinitepotentials and inspiration? It cannot be planned,it cannot be reproduced, it cannot be forced into a time slot because it is a realm beyond limitation. It is a realm of freedom . It is only reached when we are alert and aware in 'THIS MOMENT'. This moment is the Doorway to the world of unlimited possibilities beyond mind. The connection to the primal intelligence which is YOU who is not limited to the identification of a personality, gender,mind ···· It is you in your natural form as a presence who is aware of manythings which the brain cannot comprehend. All the inspirations are ever present there because the very Creation is happening in the 'moment' where even time dissapears.
When you do whatever you are deeply inspired to do you become one with what you are creating .It becomes a beautifully joyous experience to express your creativity. There is no effort there. Only allowing it to flow through you. You become the channel for its birth. :)
This moment awareness is the Doorway. And you are born with capacity to tap into infinite possibilities, potentials. The most simple way to be in the moment is to pay attention your breathing, watching it as it is without controlling it. Even one urge to do so can begin a wonderful journey of connecting to the mostfulfilling relationship with the Source within you. You will be amazed by your own potentials and gifts. What you will find within YOU can fullfill you in every aspect of your Life.

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